Seriously? A Third-Party Play Again?

The political world as we thought we knew it could quickly become muddled further if a handful of disgruntled Republicans have their way.  The talk of Mr. Romney or some other third party candidate considering adding their names to the race for President is disconcerting since it would very likely do nothing…except automatically propel Hillary Clinton into the White House.

There are times when it seems that a relatively small group of supposed conservatives, troubled by the thought of a Trump candidacy, which is now sealed with him having crossed the magic 1,237 line for the first vote at the Republican Convention, lose their common sense and actually begin to think they might be able to pull off adding a third person to the national ballot.  These are bright people, usually, but they seem infected with a ‘bug’ that just can’t be treated with a dose of common sense.

If this cabal proceeds with a third party/independent candidate, no matter who that candidate would be, it will have assured the commencement of the death throes of the Republican party and of the conservative movement, and it will have succeeded in assuring a second President Clinton.

What is it that this handful of disgruntled politicians can’t grasp?  I am not pleased, as a conservative, with where we’re at but it is still a h— of a lot better place than we will be with a second President Clinton who promises to be much different and much more liberal than was the first President Clinton.  She may even continue using her private e-mail server since there seems only a slight chance she’ll be reprimanded and made to pay a price for the earlier transgressions.

This is not some ‘parlor game’.  This is very, very serious stuff.  The future of the United States could easily be changed if Mitt Romney or some other person were to declare at this point.  This is a time when a true love for this country needs be expressed but not with a third-party effort destined to backfire.

Please, Mr. Romney, take your name out of this discussion and please also talk sense into the rest of the cabal.  That is, in my not-so-humble opinion, what is best for our country at the moment.  Adding to the divisiveness the Republican party has apparently survived, with the addition of Donald Trump to the equation, simply has no possibility other than to assure a disastrous outcome this fall.

If that is somehow what you desire, you are on the right track with this third party talk.

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