President Does Himself No Favors…

Yesterday’s blog’s King Obama seems to have become today’s ill-spoken President Obama. His remarks to the members of the G7 Summit group about Donald Trump made our President seem a smaller person than one would think he’d prefer to be seen.  He was asked by a member of the press what he thought about Trump.  He stated that Trump had the world’s leaders rattled given his statements, actions, etc.

That may or may not be true; I’m not sure that anyone knows enough about what a “President” Trump would do.  That has no bearing on what the sitting President should’ve said since he is the sitting President and since we all know he doesn’t want to see “President” Trump follow him in the White House with the potential to roll back some of Obama’s favored little goodies to the left.

Our President has done scant little good from a conservative’s point-of-view.  I suspect there are world leaders who have been ‘rattled’ by President Obama’s actions as the President of the United States.  The cozying up to Putin and Russia while distancing us from Netanyahu and Israel may well have caused world leaders to be ‘rattled’ by Obama’s actions.

The things President Obama hasn’t done are equally damning from the conservative point-of-view.

We are accustomed to our outgoing Presidents being sufficiently comfortable with self that he, or she, can hold him or herself above the daily fray, lend dignity to the office and let all the lower-ranking politicians play whatever games they choose to play during the high election season. President Obama seems to have missed that lesson from current history, and he does himself and the country a disservice when he permits that to happen.  This is too much the pouty, peeved personally-aggrieved politician and too little the retiring leader of the free world.

I have concerns for a President Trump’s presidency, and have expressed those, but I’m not the sitting president.  I am a blogger with far fewer viewers than has the President of the United States of America especially when he is on the world stage as is the case at the G7 Summit.

By the way, my concerns for a President Trump’s presidency pale by comparison to my concerns for another President Clinton presidency, the distaff side of the family.  She is not going to be conservative in anything other than possibly her attire.  And there’s that Benghazi thing and the illegal server thing and who knows how many other things that have yet to be made public.  Maybe the FBI will still find time to do us conservatives a favor by holding her accountable.

Time will tell but I doubt time is on my side.

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