A Democracy Ruled by a King?

The United States of America was formed as a democracy with three equal branches of governance.  Those branches are the Executive branch, the Judicial branch, and the Legislative branch.  If the branches ‘play nice together’, our country benefits.  If one or another of these branches gets the idea that it is stronger or more important than the others, we usually do not benefit other than maybe in the short term given whatever the ‘stronger’ branch might’ve concocted to make us believe we had been well-served.

Our democracy is, today, being given short shrift by one of the three equal branches.  The branch that apparently feels it is the ‘boss’ of the other branches is the Executive branch. President Obama has made a great deal of change in our governance by the issuance of numerous Executive Orders.  Changes are being made by one man, who has seemingly declared himself to be the King of the United States of America.

As if this alone were not sufficient to violate our expectations in our democracy, the orders being given tend to create things that the President knows, or strongly suspects, he couldn’t get through Congress.  So, he, in his self-apparent infinite wisdom, makes the decision to simply issue an Executive Order.  These orders are not innocuous; to the contrary, the orders tend to be far enough beyond the pale that one would know, or reasonably suspect, that Congress wouldn’t permit the orders to pass through the congressional process at least in the form of the order issued.

These orders make changes in the way we interact with other countries.  They force various plans on others without benefit of having been debated and voted upon by Congress.  They are numerous enough to cause people working against such methods of governance to be overwhelmed.

It simply stands to reason that orders implemented contrary to proper governance are not orders that would pass muster in Congress, and are more likely also orders that would not be sustained by the Supreme Court if brought before that body as our Constitution permits/requires.

By any measure, the abuse of Executive Orders is an abuse of the power of the Office of the President.  It is this President’s attempt to thwart the other two branches of our government, and it has been working to this point.  Will a new President come into the Oval Office and abolish some or all of the Orders issued by the previous President?  One would hope, depending of course on the political ideals represented by the new President, that orders so issued would be rescinded, but there is no assurance that would happen, or that it would happen soon after the swearing in ceremonies.

And where would we be as a people and as a country if the newly elected President were just as intentionally ignorant of the Constitution as the predecessor had been?  We have a media that simply ignores theses kinds of shortcuts being taken, unfortunately, because many in the media apparently like the results of the liberal Executive Orders and applaud, albeit it silently, the deftness of the President at thinking of such uses, and abuses, of presidential privilege.

This is no small matter.  The new policy toward Cuba resulted from such orders.  North Viet Nam’s newly acquired ‘rights’ to weapons resulted from such orders.  The ‘apology tour’ is of the same cloth.

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