Say It Ain’t So…

The press is pussy-footing around with regard to the Hillary Clinton e-mail ‘thingy’ as if to set us up for a gentle letdown.  It is almost as if they, the press, are lobbying for FBI Director James Comey to be able to gracefully get out from under the 800 lb. Gorilla named Hillary Clinton.  They seem to be sending signals that they, the press, will not be too tough on Director Comey if this all ends up just a puff of innocent smoke blown away in the stiff breeze of the hyper-political season.

“Legal experts” are now being referred to in the latest AP writing by Michael Biesecker as saying that “it appears unlikely that Clinton would be charged with committing a crime.”  Does that sound like a ringing action statement or does it sound more like the press’ permission to the FBI Director to avoid charges with their assurance they won’t try to further embarrass him?

I am getting a very queasy feeling in my stomach that this is all going to have been nothing more than another potentially prosecutable ‘distraction’ that will have been swept under that giant rug the Clintons must have stashed somewhere.  This will simply get stacked on top of Benghazi, and the $100,000 gain in a couple of months of cattle futures trading just as ‘bimbo eruptions’ always seemed to have been pointed right back at the unfortunate bimbos who were victimized by another Clinton.

I so hope I am wrong with this gut feeling, but it sure seems this is being swept under that huge carpet the Clintons have somewhere that is already bulging from all the other occurrences that have been deposited there.

And that brings me to the realization that if my vote is the one that tilts the scale, Donald Trump will reside in the Oval Office since I simply cannot cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.  I doubt that I am in the minority of conservatives, either.  While it might be entertaining, I can’t vote for “the Bern” either, although I have very much enjoyed his playing the mouse to Hillary’s cat so deftly this election season.

Had this probable election outcome been prophesied by someone a year ago, that person would’ve risked being ridiculed or even institutionalized for his or her own good.  Once again, my breakfast with a young Marquette student a few weeks ago is back at the top of mind.  He told me this would ultimately be my choice…and he had a smile on his face when he said it.

Mr. Trump will get my vote…again as the lesser of the evils available to me, but he’ll get my vote nonetheless, and I hope he’ll be our next President.  My fingers almost cramped as I keyed that statement.

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