Do WI Democrats Need Financial Assistance?

Wisconsin Democrats will be holding their convention this year at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in Green Bay, the same place they held it in 2009.  That might seem embarrassing to you or me given that they still owe some $5,807.34 to that same hotel for the convention held in 2009, and haven’t paid anything on that bill since January, 2011.

But that didn’t seem enough of a problem to keep them away this year.  Why the Radisson would take another shot at hosting this year’s event would be a bit of a question, but maybe they have made some kind of deal about which we know nothing. In any event, this didn’t get a lot of press coverage until Dan Bice made it public knowledge in his “No Quarter” piece in this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Maybe the Radisson reasons that the bar bills will be a significant offset to that old outstanding debt.  There could be a lot of Democrats crying in their beer.

I am trying to imagine just what would’ve happened if the state Republican party still owed money for its 2009 convention.  I wonder how many pieces would’ve been written about that over the intervening years?  Maybe a better question would be how long it would’ve taken the hotel not being paid to take the matter to a higher level, such as the public through the initiation of a formal collection process.

Of course, the DPW, not the Department of Public Works DPW but the Democratic Party of Wisconsin DPW, found it politically timely to highlight Governor Walkers’ delay of payment of WI debt, as has been regularly done by Governors in our past (Jim Doyle [D] did this 5 times during his reign), to try to escape the spotlight on the Democratic Party debt still outstanding.

What tangled webs the Democratic Party of Wisconsin weaves, but it seemingly bothers them little; maybe not even at all, since this debt has been on the books for years, and is blamed on the former leaders of the DPW who have made no attempts to defend their honor, so far at least.  Those who might have tried to defend would be Mike Tate and his successor Martha Laning who is chairing the Party this cycle.

By the way, the current spokesperson for the DPW, Brandon Weathersby, released his statement on this topic: “It’s surprising and hypocritical that GOP operatives would choose this week to raise such an issue.”

I don’t find it either ‘surprising’ or ‘hypocritical’.


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