TSA Gets Blame, But…

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is getting all the blame for long, long, long lines of people waiting to pass through the screening process in major airports across the country.  Pictures shows oceans of people in long queues.

Congress is getting virtually no blame, and the members of Congress probably don’t think they deserve any of the blame, EXCEPT those are the people who cut the TSA’s budget numbers so more screeners could not be hired and trained to overcome the problem.

300+ people recently spent the night in O’Hare’s hallways since they couldn’t make their flights because they weren’t able to get through the TSA screening process in time. Congressmen and women now howl that TSA needs to hire more screeners, etc., etc., etc., and they suggest that people can help if they will just check their bags thus speeding the screening process, obviously ignoring the cost implications of checked baggage since they fly on taxpayer money.

Most of us pay a price for our poor decisions in one way or another and yet that doesn’t seem to bite too many members of Congress in the fanny too often.  Members of Congress apparently are able to have their cake and eat it as well.  They cut the budget and they escape any blame that results from their decision.  And, we tend to re-elect our members of Congress time after time.

It has seemed to me that a TSA agent is in an often thankless position.  We travelers are not always in good humor.  The TSA agents are simply doing their jobs as best they can while abiding by all the travel rules and restrictions imposed on those who travel by air.

We know these rules are necessary especially when we hear the news of another airliner going down apparently as the result of an explosion, a suspected terrorist action.  Too often, it seems, there are Congressional decisions made that fly in the face of the reality that you and I share.

Would there not have been another source or more sources for the budget cuts that Congress felt necessary rather than to go after the TSA budget?  Is there some latent animosity toward Congress’ own creation of which we’re unaware?  Has the TSA head honcho stepped on one too many Congressional toes?  Or is it that our Congressmen are accorded different treatment as they fly back and forth from home to Washington, D.C. and back again.

It doesn’t seem they feel the same pain they inflict on others by these budget reductions, but we make them special by re-electing them time after time after time. There are times when I think we should have term limts on most elected positions. Maybe this would be one of those triggering occurrences were I flying as I once did for business.

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