Blog Lust Compelling

I have missed blogging for the past few days since my system suffered some kind of router and/or laptop problem, and since it takes a week to get the Geek Squad people scheduled for a visit.  Why, I wonder, does  Best Buy not recruit more ‘geeks’ and add to their billing volume?  I did note my Word Press login info, fortunately, and am now hogging my wife’s computer and am already feeling a sense of relief.

It is difficult to think there is so much to say and to have again temporarily lost the forum employed to say it.  That loss first occurred when the Milwaukee Journal Company was purchased by US Today and my blogging on their former GermantownNow site was terminated along with the thousands of blogs lost forever since they claimed not to have the technology available to be able to provide me with that body of work.

We are closing in on that inevitable Battle Royale between Hillary and Donald and yet Bernie refuses to give up…and might pose a bit of an embarrassment during the Democrat’s Convention.  Mr. Trump seems to have gotten into a slightly improved zone where he doesn’t try to kill his chances nearly so often as he tried in the past.

We, some of us anyway, continue to await the Hillary bubble being burst by the FBI making the announcement we have felt to be inevitable.  There seems little, to my way of thinking, that indicates she is innocent of having Secret and/or Top Secret information in a basically unprotected personal computer e-mail system that was easily hackable by any number of foreign powers who thrive on breaking into our government’s systems.  The “there was nothing marked Secret or Top Secret” gambit is not likely to impress the FBI; at least I can hope that to be the case.

That ought be a significantly more black and white issue than the carefully muddied waters of Benghazi.  It is a shame that she will likely never be held to account for what I believe is her complicity in the whole Benghazi debacle.  I will continue to hold out hope and pray that the families to which she lied will be somehow able to move on even though they will feel betrayed for the rest of their lives.

What will be the outcome of the next Presidential race?  None of us know, obviously, but we have to realistically understand that there could be another Clinton sitting in the Oval Office.  Maybe Donald Trump will be able to get out of his own way and give her a real battle.  But, there is something about the Clinton’s, something akin to a teflon coating, that defies belief.

And I am a person who felt he could never cast a ballot for Donald Trump.  It’s that old ‘lesser of evils’ thing that keeps on biting my backside.

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