Another Trump-Related Irritant

There is another irritant that is troubling for me.  It has no reflection on Donald Trump, however.  I refer to the drumbeat now occurring as to whom Mr. Trump might look as his favored VP candidate.  Almost every person who had been running for the presidential nomination as the Republican hopeful can probably be counted as one of those who would entertain being the VP on a Trump team.  That would exclude those who were outrightly antagonistic toward the idea of a President Donald Trump while they were in  the hunt.

How does one answer a member of the national press when asked the question “Would you be interested in running for Vice President if asked?”  The recipient of the question would naturally be pleased to be the recipient of the question.  Drooling a reply would not be appropriate but it seemed Newt Gingrich came close to that yesterday in response to that very question.

I can understand that it is very empowering just to be thought of as a possible VP but there needs to be some semblance of maturity displayed when answering.  A cute little smile, such as that on Newt’s face when he responded to that very question yesterday simply is not appropriate.

Then there are the also-rans almost anyone of which would probably be thankful to be asked.  There is always that nearness to being the President if, God forbid, something should happen to the President.  There has to be a ‘rush’ even to be thought of as a VP candidate.

Every person who was in the Republican race should be well-practiced with his or her response to that nearly inevitable question.  Newt may have practiced but his response, in my estimation, left me feeling like he wasn’t the guy…and that comes from a Newt fan in earlier times.

The response I’d desire is simply a straight-into-the-camera look with the statement “yes, I would be honored to even be thought of as a possible Vice President.”  I believe that Donald Trump needs give very close attention to his partner on the ticket, and I am quite sure he is doing that.  That selection should be a person who can offset Trump’s lack of political experience although that hasn’t seemed to have slowed his quest at all up to this point.

We are in the final days before the Republican nominee and the Democrat nominee square off for the final run-for-the-gold.  Unless there is a cataclysmic occurrence, that race will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  A visit from the FBI could be seen as a cataclysmic occurrence, I guess. But, there I go dreaming again!

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