Republicans Still Can’t Believe It

Listening to the radio talk shows and watching the national television news talk shows and reading the national press simply reaffirms that the national media have great difficulty in believing that Donald Trump might actually become the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  They transfer that to the people whom they interview and still seem to be baffled when they get the response that this is what the people want.

What don’t they see?  Do they not see the popularity of Donald Trump with Joe and Jane Lunchbucket?  Do they simply have an “I can’t believe this is true” issue of believability? Do they really think they can bring someone out from under wraps and place his or her name in the nomination bucket?  That effort has been underway and is driven in part by Mr. Romney who didn’t fare so well in prior national elections as I recall.

As it stands today, there will be a Republican party convention and Donald Trump will win the nomination on the first ballot unless something is rigged.  If that were not to occur, the Republican party will self-destruct simply because the Joe and Jane Lunchbuckets will no longer trust that party. The Republican nameplate would be virtually worthless overnight and I think that probably would be appropriate, even if I am not a 100% died-in-wool supporter of Donald Trump.

Is it possible that people in this country have become fed up with politics as usual?  Would it be that difficult to understand this to be the case?  Could we not see where the people up and down Main street might say that a guy plays by the rules, even if he is a rich fond-of-self and bombastic kind of guy, amasses the necessary votes and then gets the shaft?  The guys and gals up and down Main street understand that this happens to people, and they resent that happening even to rich people.  It is not what they see as fair no matter how much or how little money one has.

I do not believe that Reince Priebus, the Chair of the Republican National Committee would allow that to happen on his watch.  I do not believe that the Joe and Jane Lunchbuckets would permit that to happen. They’d bolt in an instant and support Trump in a party that Trump set-up overnight…and that would be entirely appropriate.

We are in the midst of something historic politically.  This may well be written about in the future as the turning point in modern politics.  It might well lead to a complete change in our political structures in the U.S.  This is not what Donald Trump set out to do, but it is something he’d probably love to have his name tied to for posterity.

Republicans had better come to grips with this new reality if they wish to continue as a viable part of the national political landscape.  Time will tell.

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