Here It Comes…

As the field of potential presidential candidates is pared down to the two most likely contenders, you can see it coming.  It is one of the ugliest battles for the presidency we will have likely seen in our lifetimes.

The two contenders, unless lightning strikes, obviously are Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, even though her pesky opponent continues on the trail, and Donald Trump for the Republicans.  Both those camps have believed they’d face each other for a long time. That has provided ample opportunity to mine the opponent’s past seeking those very embarrassing moments and occurrences.

There likely has never been a match-up quite like this one in terms of candidate histories that provide such a plethora of ammunition for the coming campaign.  We know the past of Hillary Clinton since we have, for the most part, lived it with her.  We have probably suspected there might well be a treasure trove in Mr. Trump’s background and some tidbits are already leaking from Hillary’s camp probably as a warning to Mr. Trump to tread lightly lest he finds himself the subject of a lot of stories from his past.  Of course, he has known this from the ‘git-go’ so it comes as no surprise.  He actually seems to take pride in his history.

Both candidate’s histories are, no doubt, replete with stories that will liven up the coming campaign.  There probably was never such a rich source of stories as Mr. Trump will show as this campaign gets into high gear.  And, the Clintons’ open story has provided numbers of such incidents to feed the Trump campaign with ample ammunition.

I am not a big fan of Mr. Trump’s but I am much less happy that Hillary Clinton is running given her history as ‘wife of Bill’ and as her own person.  I continue to expect the FBI to make its case against her publicly in the very near future.  I believe she was complicit in the deaths of people in Benghazi.  I think she has benefited from some really edgy deals in the past.  Etc., etc., etc.

I expect there are some really interesting tales from Mr. Trump’s past about which we’ll be regaled.  I do not believe for a moment that he is “pure as the driven snow”.

For me, this is a classic ‘lesser of evils’ choice but one that it is increasingly easier for me to make simply given the choice available.

Here it comes!!

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