Obama’s Apology Tour…

President Obama is set to go to Hiroshima where we detonated an atomic bomb in WW II, to stand on that ‘hallowed’ ground and apparently to make amends/apologies for this ever having happened.

It seems this is missing the salient point that we were attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor. Oil still seeps to the surface from a battleship lying on the bottom of the bay.  This is the result of a sneak attack.

The atomic bomb was meant to finally end the war that Japan started and even that event didn’t get that job done immediately.  Japan fought on for some time after Hiroshima. We finally prevailed.

I am having difficulty in finding a reason for us to apologize for Hiroshima when that deed wouldn’t have been required if Japan had not attacked us that December 7th morning.  Our own Wisconsin 32nd Division fought for 365 straight days in combat to help win that war. We had to flush their soldiers from caves to avoid being the victims of their sniper fire.

This seems a blatant attempt to rewrite history, maybe for those who weren’t old enough to remember or for those who weren’t taught that history to a sufficient degree in American schools.  There are few remaining veterans of that war alive today.  If the soldier or marine or sailor or airman were 18 when he or she went to war, they would’ve been born in 1924 and would be 92 or so today.  What must those few survivors be thinking at this point?  Was their sacrifice for naught?

What is our President thinking with this trip?  If he doesn’t frame this differently than it seems framed today, this is simply unforgivable.  This makes all the sacrifices seem for naught.  All those who fought and died did so for naught.  All those who worked in the war factories on planes and tanks and ships did that for naught.  All those who made do at home with their ration stamps did so for naught.

And it seems, if rumors are to be believed, there will be more of this to come in the rest of this President’s term in office.  He has done a lot to change how the presidency is viewed. Unfortunately, not all of these ‘accomplishments’ are for the better.  Far from it!

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