THE MEETING: Trump & Ryan

The much-ballyhooed meeting between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan will happen today unless something happens to change those plans.  That is unlikely since the buzz about this get-together has dominated news cycles for several days.  I receive a verse each day from the Book of Proverbs, one of my favorite books of the Holy Bible, and the verse for today seemed to hit the target (from Proverbs 19:20):  Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.

We have two very dominant people meeting today with the expressed intent to get to know each other and to smooth the way for the Republican soon-to-be candidate for President and the Republican leader of the House of Representatives.  Each tends to be dominant in different ways.  Trump is dominant by force of presence and by being held in awe by many people because of his success.  Ryan is dominant by force of presence and by being held in awe by many because of his success and superior acumen.  Both are people with whom to be reckoned.  Each in a different way.  These two men are very different in their personal make-up and in their personal actions.

Each of these two people has accomplished much in the course of their public lives to date. One is a vocal self-promoter and the other tends to lead simply by his presence.  One is a flamboyant character from New York City seemingly larger than life in many respects. The other is a mild-mannered young man from Janesville, WI who is not given to acting out in front of people.  This is the young man who caused President Obama to shrink from a confrontation during a televised meeting several years ago when they sat across the room from each other.

Paul Ryan is comfortable in a deer stand; Donald Trump might not know about deer stands.  The world of each of these men is decidedly different from that of the other.  Also in that room will be another Wisconsin person, also a dominant person, Reince Priebus, who heads the Republican Party and who has had and will continue to have a heavy hand in planning the coming Republican Convention.

This meeting has as its goal the coming together of the obvious Republican candidate for President of the United States and the person who will be in the position to guide proposals and plans of a President Trump, should that happen, through the oft-contentious House of Representatives.  Trump would be well-advised to listen intently, and that does not always seem a long-suit for him since it is difficult to listen when one is pontificating about self.  Whether or not Trump would take such advice remains to be seen.  Past habits would seem to make that possibility less than a sure thing, and yet Trump has a golden opportunity to give America a sneak-preview of what a President Trump will look like as he reigns from his Oval Office.

This meeting has implications that I hope Donald Trump has seen, understood and determined that he’ll make the best of; this is a golden opportunity to give us a look at the man we’d see in the Oval Office.  This is a golden opportunity for Trump to show us that any concern we might’ve had over his ability to be presidential has been misplaced.  He doesn’t need to try to one-up the Speaker of the House since we know the President out-ranks the Speaker, but we also know these two men will have to cultivate a sound and respectful working relationship and this meeting would be the perfect place to let us have a peek at that process working already.

I feel that I know what Paul Ryan is all about.  I’ve had the opportunity to sit with him before and we’ve all had the opportunity to watch him in Congress.  I don’t know what Donald Trump is all about, but I hope to catch a glimpse of what he might be like as our President.  That might go a long way toward helping me become comfortable with casting a vote for him.


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