What Are You Thinking?

Some of the talking heads in my home state of Wisconsin are saying they just can’t think of bringing themselves to vote for Donald Trump.  Some Republican politicians in my home state of Wisconsin and on the national stage say they just can’t see themselves supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy.


Pout if you must but GET OVER IT!  Do you really mean you would tacitly, by not voting, let Hillary Clinton win?  How can you even begin to justify this childish reaction to reality? You are supposed to be the pros, the in-the-know guys and gals, to whom we turn for advice.

This kind if talk is precisely what could get Hillary elected.  Even if Trump has rough edges, those can be worked with; both he and Hillary are egomaniacs or they wouldn’t be subjecting themselves to this kind of psychic abuse.  But then again, many politicians and many talking heads are in that same box.

This may be the classic definition of the LESSER OF EVILS, but it is the lesser of evils if that is how you have to define it.  The very idea that some Republicans, some supposed conservatives, are making these silly statements is lending support to Hillary Rodham Clinton in her quest for the Presidency.  These are Republicans who will need my vote in future Wisconsin elections.  Don’t make me have to swallow hard the next time I see your name on my ballot.

This is the hand we have been dealt and it is up to us adults to make the best of this hand that we can.  The time for self-flagellation is now behind us.  We have a Presidential candidate as soon as the Republican Convention takes that vote in Cleveland.

The time for posing for those infamous “holy” pictures is long past.  We get the point, but we don’t want Hillary Clinton in the Presidency, whether we voted for Trump in the primary or not.  I did not vote for Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary election.  BUT, you can be certain that I will vote for Donald Trump in Wisconsin’s fall election.  That is among the simplest decisions I have ever been confronted with making.  I can’t believe it is not the simplest decision, although maybe somewhat distasteful, that any of the current elected officials and talking heads will have ever made.

To me it is starkly simple:  My next President will either be Hillary Rodham Clinton or it will be Donald Trump.  I cannot see another Clinton in the White House; not with all the baggage they both drag along behind them.  Hillary is ahead today and all this loose talk will do nothing but extend her lead.  We cannot rely upon the federal e-mail server investigation findings to be made public in time to have an impact (and she could be guilty as sin and still be elected).  We simply have to elect the Republican candidate.  Hold your nose if you must, but get it done!  We live in an imperfect world but we don’t have to actively participate in making it more imperfect than it needs to be.

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