Trump Wins Big!

Donald Trump is the guy!  He will be the Republican candidate for President and Ted Cruz is done…maybe with more than just the race for the nomination.  It will be interesting to learn ultimately what Cruz might’ve done to his political career with this race and his relationship issues within the U.S. Senate and the Republican party.

But, the Republican candidate for President is Donald Trump and that is a simple fact.  He won.  He overcame the odds since he was not a politician prior to this effort and wasn’t given much of a shot at the nomination in the beginning.  That was then; this is now.

He will face Hillary Rodham Clinton even though Bernie Sanders gave her a run for the money.  Bernie is the second biggest surprise to date following the secured nomination just waiting for Donald Trump.

How will Trump play this from this point forward?  Who will he select as his running mate?  Will he now work to become more respected as a candidate or will he simply remain the Donald Trump we came to expect during this race?

How will he stack up against Hillary Clinton?  Will she be the favorite or will he be the favorite?  Will he change his tone and his approach to appear more ‘presidential’ or will he just be himself since that seemed to work well for him to this point?  How will Hillary approach this race?  Will she try to become a changed person to get out from under the issues?  Will she actually be forced to deal with the Justice Department investigation of  classified e-mails on a personal server that was not secure?  If so, what will that do to her chances?  Will there be mention of the Benghazi issues or has that effectively been swept under the rug?  Will Trump bring these things forward as part of his campaign? 

We have some exciting times ahead of us if we are at all politically-interested.  Reince Priebus has effectively gotten out from under the Trump issues since Trump will now be the party’s candidate.  Maybe now Reince will be a compatriot of Trump’s as this unfolds. Maybe there will be some residual impact on the Republican Party rules that Trump found so objectionable.

I know one thing for sure:  I am going to have to get my head wrapped around being a Trump supporter.  I hope he makes that easy for me by being a candidate of whom we conservative Republicans can be very proud.

Then there is the issue of Ted Cruz and what he has potentially done to his career.  He is not well-liked within his party.  I don’t think he made a lot of new friends during the campaign either.  I wonder how he will fare going back to being a U.S. Senator who has to make some political friends if he is to make anything happen for his constituents.

We have exciting times ahead of us.

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