National Review’s ‘The Empty Pantsuit’

If you subscribe to the National Review you have received the May 9th issue that features a cover shot of an ‘Empty Pantsuit’ that is obviously a take-off on Hillary Clinton.  If you’ve not had the opportunity yet, that article is found here.  Kevin D. Williamson has done a masterful job of exposing Hillary Clinton for what she is and isn’t as the cover says: “Hillary Clinton is all calculation and maneuver”.

The article’s essence is based on the premise that Hillary has learned that: issues are dangerous as Williamson writes.  Consequently, the best way to avoid getting into such dangerous conversations is to have no issues about which to talk and, instead, to simply babble about the themes she chants over and over at each stop along the campaign trail.  Her foil, Bernie Sanders, has been great for her since she can decry whatever it is Bernie is talking up that day and she appears to have some substance about something.

From all outward appearances today, the two candidates for President of the United States of America in the coming national election will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Had someone told me a year or two ago that this would be my choice, I’d have thought them a bit off-their-game.  I had breakfast with a young Marquette student/family friend not long ago, and we had that very conversation, the conversation about what I would do if those were to be my only two choices.  I copped the plea that I hoped it wouldn’t come down to that choice and he was kind enough to let me off the hook.

By the process of eliminating the least palatable of these two choices, I have come to that point where I have to declare that I will vote for Donald Trump since I do not believe that Ted Cruz will be the winner in Indiana and consequently in Cleveland.  I am not at all sure of what Ted Cruz would bring to the party except that he would have given me a clearer choice on the Republican side of the ticket.  He has so many apparent enemies in his own party that I am not sure how he would’ve governed had he made it to the White House.  It may well be that a President Trump will be no more problematic than would have been a President Cruz given the machinations of Congress.

I doubt that a President Trump will be as divisive as we might have feared, but I cannot be sure of that.  We have a Congress and a Judicial branch that serve to keep things relatively well-balanced in our political world.  It may be that those other two branches will be very busy, or it may be that all three will coalesce into a working machine with our best interests at heart as our founding fathers envisioned.

Of one thing I am reasonably certain:  We are in for an interesting four or eight years and I’d rather it be interesting with the Empty Pantsuit on the sidelines and not in the Oval Office.  Almost seems one of those infamous Hobson’s choices will confront us.  Where is the FBI when it is needed?  Where is Benghazi when it should be all the talk?

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