Indiana: Do or Die For Ted Cruz?

The Indiana voters will go to the polls tomorrow and supposedly will determine whether Sen. Ted Cruz survives to campaign further or simply packs his bags and goes home having essentially lost the race for designation as the Republican candidate for President to Donald Trump.

Trump, of course, knows the outcome or so he professes.  Presuming that he does know the outcome and that it favors his candidacy, Mr. Trump will turn his attention to things such as the speech he’ll deliver at the coming Republican convention, to the selection he’ll make for his VP running mate, etc.

If Indiana doesn’t do the trick for Trump, there are other states that can have that honor, but it is increasingly looking as though Donald Trump will be attending the Republican convention as the prospective nominee whether that decision is made by the Indiana voters tomorrow or by another state’s voters in the days or weeks to come. The 1237 vote count seems attainable.

The people who see themselves as fitting the role of Trump’s VP running mate are already posing for holy pictures and have begun to trumpet (pun intended) their creds to any and all who will listen.  VPs can have opportunities to succeed their running mates as the next candidate for President after their President-partner has had his or her run.

Will Trump recognize his needs and select a running mate accordingly?  Does Mr. Trump actually recognize that he has some shortcomings that might show themselves after he begins sitting in the Oval office regularly?  Will those personal insights contribute to his selection of a running mate, or do we delude ourselves by thinking Trump can see any personal shortcomings?

What will a President Trump’s relations with the sitting Republican House members and Senate members be like?  Will he be willing to take advice?  Or, will he expect those Republican members of that group of 435 to take advice from him?  Will there be a two-way street in that respect or will he expect it will all go as he determines it should go?

Will we see a different President Trump from the candidate Trump we’ve come to know and love or hate?  Only time will tell.  Will Trump be able to beat out Hillary Clinton if she is the Democratic alternative which seems almost a certainty?  Will he tear her record to shreds?  Will the personal e-mail server become a big issue?  Will Benghazi become a word in his vocabulary?  Will we see a different side to Trump in his dealings with Hillary given his apparent liking for and past relationships with the Clintons, or will this now become just another episode of real life Love and War?

And, will the Republican Party survive or will this prove  to have been the beginning of the end for the GOP after all these years since its founding in the little school house in Ripon, WI?  Obviously, I have many questions to go with few, if any, answers, but I can expect ample blog topic opportunities to be readily available in any event.

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