Hillary’s Credibility Decreases Again!

How can you be so self-centered as to believe your transgressions should have no bearing on your reputation?  Hillary seems, literally, one who simply doesn’t believe she has ever done wrong.  Or, she is so self-important as to believe she shouldn’t be penalized as the result of any wrong-doing.  That is suggestive of a personality that shouldn’t be anywhere near the seat of power, and yet she has hovered around and occupied seats of power virtually all her adult life.

She is a scary person.  We have our discussions about Donald Trump and his egocentricities, but those, so far at least, pale by comparison to the transgressions committed by and on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Comb-overs are significantly different than pay-offs from concealing wrongdoing or for favors granted or to be granted.

The e-mail server issue is but a single example, but that does not diminish the importance and criticality of the issue.  The Hillary history trail is littered with examples, some for which she paid a relatively small price and others for which she has paid no price.  She and Bill have been the poster children for dysfunctional relationships. Cattle futures, and sexual trysts and Benghazi, and Vince Foster, and bimbo eruptions, and the Rose Law firm, and on and on and on.

Both she and her husband have been above the law for so long as we’ve known of them. Neither should be anywhere near such seats of power as they have been and continue to be and yet the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is simply enthralled with both.

Even editorial pages use terms such as “skirted the rules”.  The State Department Inspector General’s report was quite blunt, but that doesn’t seem to register with the American public.  She exposed classified material by using her personal unsecured server.

We indeed seem to be faced with choosing from the lesser of evils in this Presidential election cycle, but one of the two choices is, to my way of thinking, the far greater direct or participating perpetrator of evils in the sense of a public servant.  There is no real comparison in that regard between Donald and Hillary & company.

Donald Trump has done some deals of which I would not have approved but those decisions would’ve been based upon business decisions I’d have not been able to make in good conscience.  Hillary and her husband have been involved in far more impactful decisions affecting the voting public, the taxpayers of the domains they oversaw and wrongful acts in office.  To think that this couple could’ve amassed the wealth they did in such a short time for ‘speeches’ delivered (that had no promises of future benefit tied to them, of course) simply defies common sense. We all know better, or at least we all ought to know better.  There obviously were deals made.  Millions of dollars don’t get thrown around Willy Nilly without deals being involved.  Neither Bill or Hillary are such great speakers as to be able to command those fees for simply speaking.

We have a clear choice, and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves for another Clinton presidency and all the drama that portends. Donald Trump may qualify as the lesser of evils (at least in my mind), but that is very important in this election cycle.  We could do much worse.

Those Who Have Gone Before…

On days like this, I try to reflect on my ancestors, those who have gone before, remembering them and their stories as those were told to me.  We were with friends yesterday and we all must’ve been in that mood since there was much recollecting to be enjoyed.

As is not at all uncommon, one person’s recollection spawned another and another and so on.  Certain common threads reinforced memory, and more detail found its way into the conversations.  Then we began to recognize that even though we had grown into adulthood without knowing each other, there were still elements that were common in our recollections of our own lives.

Certainly that isn’t reserved only for a few; the experiences were generational and not specifically tied to one family or another.  But what struck me particularly was that even though we each had grown to adulthood in different parts of the state and even different parts of the country, there was a similarity in recollections based upon a shared time period.  My experiences in Western Wisconsin were very similar to those of another in Southern Wisconsin.  Those were similar to others from Pennsylvania.  My hometown of Viroqua and another’s of Stoughton shared ‘honors’ as “tobacco capitols” of the state given the soil and weather conditions that produced tobacco fields of abundance.

I hope these conversations have been occurring all across our great land during this time of recollection.  I hope we all are able to see some commonality between our experiences and those of others even though location differed.  The more we have these conversations, the more we find we are very much akin even though not ‘blood relatives’. We are Americans who were born about the same time and who were raised in differing locations only to find that we had coalesced into very much ‘like’ individuals.

This may well be the “melting pot” we were told of as we grew up.  And yet today, there seem so many divergent forces, self-imposed, which would seem to defy the reality we experienced in yesterday’s conversation.  Maybe we need a ‘time out’ period every once in a while when we can catch-up with friends and neighbors and re-discover the concept of the “melting pot”.

That was an enjoyable happening yesterday.


Memorial Day – 2016

What we know as Memorial Day began in a New York state community by the name of Waterloo.  Ir was apparently first celebrated there on May 5, 1866, a date which was chosen because Waterloo already hosted an annual day when businesses closed and the graves of soldiers were decorated with flowers and flags.  On May 5, 1868, General John A. Logan who led a group of Northern Civil War veterans called for a national day of remembrance later in that month.  General Logan proclaimed the “3oth day of May 1868 for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country”.  This is how “Decoration Day” came to be the name for this day of remembrance.

On that first Decoration Day some 5,000 people came to Arlington National Cemetary and decorated the graves of the some 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there.  So it was truly a national day of celebration bringing North and South together officially after the bruising Civil War.

We gradually adopted the name Memorial Day and it commemorated those whose lives were lost in fighting the Civil War.  May 30th continued to be the accepted date for the celebration.  In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which established Memorial Day as occurring on the last Monday in May supposedly to provide federal government employees with a three-day weekend and that went into effect in 1971.

Parades and visits to cemeteries are still found in communities all across our country, although, as with many things of this nature, the original meaning has probably been lost to many people who simply see it as a 3-day weekend.

“Heimlich Performs Heimlich…”

That was the headline on the Associated Press article about that actual occurrence.  Henry Heimlich is 96 now and is living in the Dupree House in Cincinnati, OH.  He was seated next to a relative youngster, 87-year-old Patty Ris for Monday evening’s dinner.

She choked on a piece of meat and was unable to breathe.  He noted her dilemma, got up and positioned himself as he had taught so many before him to do, and performed the maneuver named for him dislodging the meat.

What are the odds of such an occurrence?  They must be astronomical.  What are the odds that a 96-year-old former surgeon would still be physically able to perform the maneuver he developed and which has been used thousands of times over the years to help people who have choked?

Ms. Ris believes thusly: “I definitely would have died right then and there.  There was no doubt about it.”  She told Heimlich that: “God put me in this seat next to you.”

These are the kinds of occurrences that simply point to a greater power, and she was right so far as I am concerned.  She was saved by God in a most unusual set of circumstances. Some will deny God’s role and point to this as pure happenstance.  I suspect that former chest surgeon Henry Heimlich would agree he had a lot of help last Monday evening in Cincinnati.

What a fitting chapter in the life of Henry Heimlich and in the life of Patty Ris.

Seriously? A Third-Party Play Again?

The political world as we thought we knew it could quickly become muddled further if a handful of disgruntled Republicans have their way.  The talk of Mr. Romney or some other third party candidate considering adding their names to the race for President is disconcerting since it would very likely do nothing…except automatically propel Hillary Clinton into the White House.

There are times when it seems that a relatively small group of supposed conservatives, troubled by the thought of a Trump candidacy, which is now sealed with him having crossed the magic 1,237 line for the first vote at the Republican Convention, lose their common sense and actually begin to think they might be able to pull off adding a third person to the national ballot.  These are bright people, usually, but they seem infected with a ‘bug’ that just can’t be treated with a dose of common sense.

If this cabal proceeds with a third party/independent candidate, no matter who that candidate would be, it will have assured the commencement of the death throes of the Republican party and of the conservative movement, and it will have succeeded in assuring a second President Clinton.

What is it that this handful of disgruntled politicians can’t grasp?  I am not pleased, as a conservative, with where we’re at but it is still a h— of a lot better place than we will be with a second President Clinton who promises to be much different and much more liberal than was the first President Clinton.  She may even continue using her private e-mail server since there seems only a slight chance she’ll be reprimanded and made to pay a price for the earlier transgressions.

This is not some ‘parlor game’.  This is very, very serious stuff.  The future of the United States could easily be changed if Mitt Romney or some other person were to declare at this point.  This is a time when a true love for this country needs be expressed but not with a third-party effort destined to backfire.

Please, Mr. Romney, take your name out of this discussion and please also talk sense into the rest of the cabal.  That is, in my not-so-humble opinion, what is best for our country at the moment.  Adding to the divisiveness the Republican party has apparently survived, with the addition of Donald Trump to the equation, simply has no possibility other than to assure a disastrous outcome this fall.

If that is somehow what you desire, you are on the right track with this third party talk.

President Does Himself No Favors…

Yesterday’s blog’s King Obama seems to have become today’s ill-spoken President Obama. His remarks to the members of the G7 Summit group about Donald Trump made our President seem a smaller person than one would think he’d prefer to be seen.  He was asked by a member of the press what he thought about Trump.  He stated that Trump had the world’s leaders rattled given his statements, actions, etc.

That may or may not be true; I’m not sure that anyone knows enough about what a “President” Trump would do.  That has no bearing on what the sitting President should’ve said since he is the sitting President and since we all know he doesn’t want to see “President” Trump follow him in the White House with the potential to roll back some of Obama’s favored little goodies to the left.

Our President has done scant little good from a conservative’s point-of-view.  I suspect there are world leaders who have been ‘rattled’ by President Obama’s actions as the President of the United States.  The cozying up to Putin and Russia while distancing us from Netanyahu and Israel may well have caused world leaders to be ‘rattled’ by Obama’s actions.

The things President Obama hasn’t done are equally damning from the conservative point-of-view.

We are accustomed to our outgoing Presidents being sufficiently comfortable with self that he, or she, can hold him or herself above the daily fray, lend dignity to the office and let all the lower-ranking politicians play whatever games they choose to play during the high election season. President Obama seems to have missed that lesson from current history, and he does himself and the country a disservice when he permits that to happen.  This is too much the pouty, peeved personally-aggrieved politician and too little the retiring leader of the free world.

I have concerns for a President Trump’s presidency, and have expressed those, but I’m not the sitting president.  I am a blogger with far fewer viewers than has the President of the United States of America especially when he is on the world stage as is the case at the G7 Summit.

By the way, my concerns for a President Trump’s presidency pale by comparison to my concerns for another President Clinton presidency, the distaff side of the family.  She is not going to be conservative in anything other than possibly her attire.  And there’s that Benghazi thing and the illegal server thing and who knows how many other things that have yet to be made public.  Maybe the FBI will still find time to do us conservatives a favor by holding her accountable.

Time will tell but I doubt time is on my side.

A Democracy Ruled by a King?

The United States of America was formed as a democracy with three equal branches of governance.  Those branches are the Executive branch, the Judicial branch, and the Legislative branch.  If the branches ‘play nice together’, our country benefits.  If one or another of these branches gets the idea that it is stronger or more important than the others, we usually do not benefit other than maybe in the short term given whatever the ‘stronger’ branch might’ve concocted to make us believe we had been well-served.

Our democracy is, today, being given short shrift by one of the three equal branches.  The branch that apparently feels it is the ‘boss’ of the other branches is the Executive branch. President Obama has made a great deal of change in our governance by the issuance of numerous Executive Orders.  Changes are being made by one man, who has seemingly declared himself to be the King of the United States of America.

As if this alone were not sufficient to violate our expectations in our democracy, the orders being given tend to create things that the President knows, or strongly suspects, he couldn’t get through Congress.  So, he, in his self-apparent infinite wisdom, makes the decision to simply issue an Executive Order.  These orders are not innocuous; to the contrary, the orders tend to be far enough beyond the pale that one would know, or reasonably suspect, that Congress wouldn’t permit the orders to pass through the congressional process at least in the form of the order issued.

These orders make changes in the way we interact with other countries.  They force various plans on others without benefit of having been debated and voted upon by Congress.  They are numerous enough to cause people working against such methods of governance to be overwhelmed.

It simply stands to reason that orders implemented contrary to proper governance are not orders that would pass muster in Congress, and are more likely also orders that would not be sustained by the Supreme Court if brought before that body as our Constitution permits/requires.

By any measure, the abuse of Executive Orders is an abuse of the power of the Office of the President.  It is this President’s attempt to thwart the other two branches of our government, and it has been working to this point.  Will a new President come into the Oval Office and abolish some or all of the Orders issued by the previous President?  One would hope, depending of course on the political ideals represented by the new President, that orders so issued would be rescinded, but there is no assurance that would happen, or that it would happen soon after the swearing in ceremonies.

And where would we be as a people and as a country if the newly elected President were just as intentionally ignorant of the Constitution as the predecessor had been?  We have a media that simply ignores theses kinds of shortcuts being taken, unfortunately, because many in the media apparently like the results of the liberal Executive Orders and applaud, albeit it silently, the deftness of the President at thinking of such uses, and abuses, of presidential privilege.

This is no small matter.  The new policy toward Cuba resulted from such orders.  North Viet Nam’s newly acquired ‘rights’ to weapons resulted from such orders.  The ‘apology tour’ is of the same cloth.