Herb, You Done Good!

Most of us in Wisconsin are familiar with Herb Kohl.  He is part of the Kohl family that founded and operated the Kohl’s Food Store chain in our area for many years, and he is a former Wisconsin Senator.  He is also known for his part in this area having bought an NBA team franchise, the Milwaukee Bucks, which he recently sold as he prepares for the eventual time that his life on this earth will end.

A brief piece appeared in the local newspaper this morning and it speaks volumes about Herb Kohl, the man.  It speaks, to my thinking, more loudly about the quality of this man than all his prior accomplishments combined.  In the “2-Minute Drill” segment appearing in the Sports section of the morning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there appears the following clip titled “Kohl reflects on Bucks ownership” and it contains the following three quotes from three people using their own special ‘monikers’:

Mr. Knowitall:  “Herb always was and always will be all class.”

Gatoometti: “Thanks Herb – you done good.”

MondoMan: “My mother worked for Kohl’s food store.  Herb Kohl was a good owner and treated his workers well.  One time I was at a Bucks event and met Senator Kohl.  At that time it was over 20 years that my mother had been retired.  Senator Kohl remembered my mother and what store she worked at and even knew my Dad’s name.  A remarkable man, no surprise what he is doing with his wealth.”

The MondoMan quote is the one that really made me think about what a special guy this is, even though his politics and my politics do not match up.  This is also the man who saw to it that every member of the Bucks family, down to the guys sweeping the floor after the game, received a monetary gift after the sale of the team occurred.

Herb Kohl is a diminutive fellow whose kindness and accomplishments far exceed his physical stature.  He has been a great ambassador for Milwaukee and for Wisconsin.  It is also amazing that Herb Kohl and Bud Selig, of Milwaukee Brewer’s and baseball Commissioner renown, grew up as kids just a few doors apart in Milwaukee.  Both have played major roles in this area and this state…and in this country.

As Gatoometti says, Herb, you done good!

(With all due apologies to the language.)

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