I Shan’t Hold My Breath…

This should come as no surprise to anyone living in Wisconsin, who is of the conservative persuasion, and who subscribes to, or simply reads, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (recently purchased by USA Today publisher Gannett):

We have a Republican governor, Gov. Scott Walker.  We have Republican majorities in both state houses.  We have a conservative WI Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser who has announced his impending retirement.

This, of course, cannot be tolerated in the world of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which published an editorial this morning with the headline: Appoint a commission to find a successor for Prosser.  David D. Haynes, the Editorial Page Editor and Ernst-Ulrich Franzen, the Associate Editorial Page Editor must be strutting about the Journal Sentinel offices like proud peacocks given this magical stroke of liberal angst portraying itself as wise editorial writing.

I don’t recall seeing this kind of journalistic display when Democrat governors found themselves in the position of selecting Democrat successors for open WI Supreme Court seats to present to the Democrat legislature for consideration.  This is the way the public expresses itself in open and free elections.  If there is a preponderance of Democrats at the time, it stands to reason those people will vote for like-minded people.  But that same rationale is apparently completely and utterly disgusting when it comes to times when there is a preponderance of Republicans.

There will be no ‘commission’.  There will be a conservative appointment ultimately seated as a Justice to this court.

Were Democrats in control of the state, and were there a seat being vacated on the Supreme Court, do we think the Journal Sentinel would be publishing the same editorial tripe suggesting that a commission needs be appointed to name the replacement?

Oh, yes.  There is also that John Doe ‘thingy’ still going on at the behest of Democrat District Attorney John Chisholm that had the full support of our Government Accountability Board that used GAB staff time to assist in the work effort.  Chisholm, of course, argues that Justices seated in a Republican-dominant era should have recused themselves from hearing anything to do with his mythical pursuit of Republican operatives to teach them the lesson that Democrats can still bite even if in the minority.

Now, Chisholm, in a display of childish pique, has gone to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking some kind of solace for his sufferings at the hands of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The ugly underside of all this is simple: taxpayer dollars have been squandered in a politically-driven witch-hunt and it continues with Chisholm’s petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.  When will Chisholm receive his just due?  When will this travesty, this personal vendetta finally be done?  And when will the Journal Sentinel cease being a politically-active publication?

I shan’t hold my breath.

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