Trump: Chapter Two?

We got a taste of a more subdued, more well-thought, less off-the-cuff Donald Trump yesterday in his foreign policy speech.  He used a teleprompter and fared quite well.  That served to keep him on point.  He didn’t cover three or four topics in the span of 45 seconds as he has been prone to doing.  I could actually see him sitting in the Oval Office…and that was scary for me after what I’ve watched to this point.

Washington insiders were mixed in their reviews as we might’ve expected.  There were what seemed obvious contradictions as was pointed out by some this morning. Notably, there was the ever-present reference to minding our own business and not sending troops here and there willy-nilly.  That was accompanied by the statement that Trump’s America would wipe out the ISIS threat which most believe would not be possible without troops on the ground.

That seeming contradiction will require Trump’s further comment since the press cannot be expected to forgive and forget when they’ve waited for “gotcha” moments all along.

The biggest takeaway for me was simple.  Donald Trump proved that he can be very well in control of self and can avoid bombast and still make his points.  I wonder if this signaled the next Trump personality’s arrival or if this was simply what his handlers had told him needed to occur if he were to make points.  I seriously doubt that Trump can be Trump without some moments of bombast, but he may prove me wrong.  And I hope he does prove me wrong because he is on his way to becoming our President unless Hillary proves the better vote grabber…and I earnestly hope and pray that will not be the case.  This could be the classic “lesser of evils” election.

One other thing, Bobby Knight and Donald Trump may have been separated at birth.  They seemed to be kindred spirits, and not just a little similar in terms of temprament…although Bobby has tamed considerably since he left the coaching ranks. That was a real important endorsement in Indiana.  Knight owns Indiana!  And, he says that he initiated this with Trump’s people months ago.

I doubt that Cruz-Fiorina can steal the spotlight from Trump.

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