Whistling in the Graveyard?

Is it ‘whistling in the graveyard’ to think there is still a possibility that Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee for President of the United States?

Trump dominated the Northeast states yesterday and sails into Indiana with an apparent boost to come from Bobby Knight, the Indiana basketball coaching legend who might just be distant kin of Trump’s given his famous, or infamous, basketball court antics and his own bombastic persona.  Knight is almost that, a Knight in shining armor, in Indiana.  Cruz’s comment about the basketball ring, instead of a basketball hoop, did nothing to help him in Indiana.  We know we’ll hear that over and over again from The Donald; it is just too good to be ignored.

Cruz hopes that he might make his stand, and a statement, in Indiana.  If he doesn’t, Trump simply gains more steam and could easily become unstoppable…if he isn’t already unstoppable without regard to Indiana.

There comes a time when the Republican Convention’s anti-Trump votes available dwindle to the point that the remaining votes combined could not help Cruz avoid being wiped out on the first ballot, or certainly on the second ballot if there is a minor miracle on the first.  It is probably even possible now for Trump to have gathered the 1,237 votes requisite for the Republican nomination on the first ballot at the Republican convention.

As this scene unfolds, it becomes less and less likely that we will see a Republican candidate other than Donald Trump for President of the United States unless Kasich, et al find some miraculous way to salvage the anti-Trump effort.  How will Trump do against Hillary Clinton assuming she is the Democratic nominee?  Well, there will be no stones left unturned when Trump finishes with Hillary.  He will have a field day with the ammunition available from a scanning of the Clintons’ past and present, and he shows no inclination to avoid the use of any and all tools available to him.  He uses those tools brutally and efficiently to accomplish his ends.

There is time remaining…but there is not much of a question remaining…in the Republican primary race.

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