Try To Imagine…

As the stars seem to be continuing to align in Donald Trump’s favor to be the Republican candidate for President of the United States, it might be time to begin to ponder just what a Trump presidency might be like.  What will be the tone of that presidency?  What will the foreign heads-of-state make of a Trump presidency?  Where will each of our foreign ‘allies’ end up in the new Trump pecking order?  Will Israel be in a better or worse position than it is today?  Where will Iran stack up?  How about Japan and China?  What about The Vatican?

Some might see this imagination assignment as the nightmare that will never end while others might be able to see some positives in all this, to dream pleasantly rather than to experience a nightmare.

I think it probably obvious that Trump being sworn in as President of the United States will further inflate an ego that seems already to be near its bursting point.  There will be ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ to rival and probably surpass any such pomp and circumstance we’ve seen in the past.

We have seen glimpses of a relatively reasonable Donald Trump.  Admittedly those glimpses are somewhat rare, but maybe the persona is more a studied and applied persona than the way this person is, period!  We know, I think, that Trump is the consummate showman. Barnum and Bailey pale in comparison.  He is as tawdry and bombastic as the Vegas Strip and can then turn that on its head in a moment and become a reasoned person.

He has been successful in business.  That success has cost others who’ve been too lenient in their deal-making with Trump.  There is that trail of bankruptcies, of course, but Trump would argue that is simply the price of making the deals he has made, and go on to remind us of the successes he has enjoyed.  There is the hair-do that simply defies gravity and the pesky thinning hair factoid unless the hair gets messed up when the baseball cap comes off to wave to the crowd.  Then we have that glimpse of just how long hair has to be to be wrapped like a turban.

Will he threaten to buy the United Nations building and raise the rent on the foreign nations immediately just to show them he can?  Will the President’s aircraft have TRUMP in large print just above The United States of America?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself; maybe I should be talking about how Trump and Hillary Clinton  will behave when campaigning.  That promises to be something to see. Will he obtain her purloined e-mails somehow and publish those just before a joint campaign event?  Will he co-opt the server operator and find out the real truth?  Will he threaten to fire the FBI Director after being elected if he doesn’t release the e-mail investigation findings before the election?

And, how will the current President handle having to hand over the Oval Office to Trump? How many Congress members will wish they hadn’t run for re-election in the last election?  Will Trump begin to tell the Supreme Court how it should rule in various cases?

Stay tuned.  It is more and more looking as though we’ll have the opportunity to see this show in real-time.

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