Kasich or Cruz and Statesmanship?

Many have wondered why Mr. Kasich continues in the race for the Republican presidential candidacy.  Among those has to be Ted Cruz.  John Kasich seems to be tagging along but he obviously sees himself as being a viable candidate and is still in the race.

Now we see what might be a tacit admission by one or both that two is one too many to compete effectively against Donald Trump.  These guys are effectively splitting votes that might be damaging to Trump if they were pooled for one of the two.  This is a game we see from time to time in politics and it can be an effective game but too often it is effective for whomever the two were individually targeting.

In this case, if Donald Trump had a single solid candidate opposing him, he might be having a bit more difficulty in staying ahead than he does now when that combined Kasich/Cruz vote is being split.  Might that alter the leaning in the race?  It is tough to tell unless or until one or the other of the twosome drops his run.  Only then will we see if the elimination of one from the race helped the other as well as we voters.

The obvious tough question to answer is simple:  which of these two guys, each of whom appear to believe themselves to be qualified candidates for the Republican nod as the single opponent going against Donald Trump will be the one to say okay; it is time to focus on Trump.

I like Ted Cruz, but every time I listen to John Kasich, I am impressed with him.  That is very troubling to me because I am unaccustomed to having this much difficulty deciding on the candidate I favor.  The easy way to answer the question, I guess, is to simply acknowledge that either Kasich or Cruz is better for our country than is Trump.  But the longer I and so many others waffle on this decision, the better off we make Trump’s position.  Every day Trump spends leading the Republican pack is another day in which those of us not aligned with him have wasted an opportunity to break the Republican race down from three to two effective candidates.

The people who will make this decision are the delegates to the Republican convention.

BUT, there is a question of something called “statesmanship” and that is that wonderful quality that some have and others only wished they had.  It is that selfless dedication to something much larger than self.  It is that seemingly rare quality where one person swallows his or her pride and hopes and says okay, it is time for me to get out of the way for the good of my/our country.

With every passing day and a split electorate, it seems that only a dose of statesmanship hitting one or the other of the two candidates running against Trump will effectively solve the dilemma.  Maybe they make a deal that would hinge upon one or the other being on the winning ticket making way for the other to move to a higher appointed position in the new government.  Maybe it is just as simple as one deciding he will still have a chance in later races and that this move will establish him as a true ‘statesman’ for future consideration.

The simple fact is that Trump will be the guy for sure if this outbreak of statesmanship doesn’t occur very soon and Trump has too much history to ignore.  I simply find it impossible to see Trump and Putin going toe-to-toe without the world hurting as the result.  That ought to be enough for Kasich or Cruz as well.

And one final thought: “statesmanship” is not likely to be a term associated with Donald Trump.

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