Is This Progress?

Transgenders and their bathroom access is all the talk of late, and there are probably as many opinions as there are people pondering the issue.  Our president has entered this discussion, so I guess I can enter it as well.  I am as equally qualified as is he…that is not at all qualified.  He expressed his feelings and that is what I will do at the risk of having some think ill of me.  It won’t be the first time and is also unlikely to be the last time.

I don’t know any transgender people; at least I don’t think I know any transgender people.  I would be uneasy if I were in a men’s room in a public place and a female-appearing person strolled into the room whether actually a female or simply a person appearing as a female.  I would’ve been concerned even before learning there were transgender people.  There may well have been transgender people for a long time, but they were probably called ‘cross-dressers’ by the uninformed/uncaring public.

North Carolina has a law requiring that people use the bathroom for whichever sex their drivers’ license says they are, and President Obama thinks that law ought to be overturned.  I presume his belief is sincere since he will not be running for any other positions in the future.

If a female walks into a men’s bathroom in North Carolina, how is one to know if she is a female breaking the law or a transgender male dressing as the female he believes himself to be.  Who is going to be there to make the decision?  Especially if the female believing herself to be a male has to urinate, there is almost no possibility I can think of where the urinal would come into play so this person would be relieving self behind a closed door assuming there were stalls.

The last time I had no access to stalls when seated in a men’s room was in basic training a long time ago, and that took some getting used to I can tell you.

Should we be concerned about this?  As an adult, I think I can handle this should I encounter it.  As a father with no young boys or girls anymore, I can handle this.  As a grandfather, I have more of a problem with this whole situation and am happy I do not need to sit down with grandchildren to help them reason through the transgender issue.  Maybe there will be a much more open discussion about this now that North Carolina has put this in front of a lot of people.

Maybe there can be an adult discussion about this without a lot of hubris on display.  There will probably be a required study in our schools at some point in the future if there is not already such a teaching segment somewhere in the school system today.

I know that it is much more difficult today to raise children than it was when I and my wife were raising our children.  There were none of these kinds of issues and yet I do remember a female in my hometown that preferred to dress as a male.  I do not remember her ever walking into a men’s bathroom, but we didn’t have a lot of large multi-stool, multi-urinal bathrooms then, either.  Life was definitely easier in that era.  We weren’t as well-educated and so socially coached as we seem to be today.  I presume this is progress.

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