Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

We American voters are often guilty of being gullible, and it seems that Mr. Trump has been playing to our collective gullibility.  If that isn’t so, why would he now be changing into what he hopes is a Donald Trump for whom we can vote without holding our noses?

His new political shepherds are busy trying to rewrite the image Trump has been portraying of the bombastic, say-anything-to-get-noticed rough and tumble politician.  They are assuring Republicans that Trump really isn’t the guy he showed himself to be to this point, and that this image is the real Donald Trump which we can take pride in seeing in the Oval Office.  Trump is “evolving” so they say.

We are being told that Trump had to go through the first persona apparently to attract attention and to say things that were intended for nothing other than the gathering of publicity.  We are being assured that the real Donald Trump is now emerging and that we’re gonna’ love this version…just you wait and see!

I feel so much better now to know that the utterer of crude, coarse remarks doesn’t really exist; but I wonder, then, what parts of the first set of utterances I am supposed to believe and what parts I’m supposed to simply ignore as if they had never been uttered?

I feel so much better now to know that Trump will actually be a smart and reasoned person sitting in that Oval Office and that all the world’s leaders will come on bended knee to be received.  Except, those, of course, whom he has already offended to the degree they’ll not pay any attention to him except if he threatens to build a wall…which may or may not have been a real position since the words came from a less-than-real Donald Trump which we’re being urged now to ignore.

I believe this is the first time since I’ve come of voting age that there has been a fake political persona paving the way for the ‘real thing’.  The fact that I am apparently so stupid, in Trump’s opinion, as to have needed to have been bamboozled with an actor acting out to get my attention is not supposed to bother me.  After all, this has all been for my own good…and ideally, I will be smart enough to accept that “fact” and vote for him.

This has indeed been a crazy election season, and this ‘confession’ has only succeeded in adding to the craziness.

I am now apparently down to hoping that Ted Cruz’ approach to assuring Republican delegates who have cast their ‘required’ ballot(s), that he is the person for whom they should thereafter cast their ‘free-thinker’ ballot(s) until he, Cruz, reaches the requisite 1,237 votes in the Republican convention.  It is a tenuous thread but I’m down to that, or so it seems.  What a strange election season this has been so far, and there is still much more to come.

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