Trump Wins New York…

Was anyone surprised at the win posted by Donald Trump in New York?  Absolutely not, since this is Mr. Trump’s world, and for him to have lost the State of New York would’ve been almost impossible.  Does this mean that Ted Cruz is down and out?  Absolutely not.

The Republican Convention is going to move ahead with the same byzantine rules in place that it started this season with and, notwithstanding Trump’s entreaties to the contrary, that process is not going to be altered simply because it doesn’t play into Trump’s hands as he believes everything in this world should.

The magic number of 1,237 votes on the first ballot at the Republican Convention is still the magic number no matter how strenuously Trump rails against it.  And, if Trump does not have that number going in, he will not be magically made the candidate just because his name is Donald Trump.  All his protestations serve no useful purpose.  Donald Trump is just like everyone else in the Republican primary race and that is, of course, blatantly unfair in Trump-land.

Cruz reportedly has successfully outmaneuvered The Donald so far as the Republican Convention goes because his staff knew the rules (just as Trump’s staff should’ve known the rules), and has apparently locked up sufficient second round ballots to come very close to winning or to win outright, since the majority of the Republican convention-goers are locked in for only the first ballot by their respective state party rules.  More are freed up after the second vote, etc. until all are permitted to vote their conscience.

Mr. Trump, of course, disapproves, since this puts him at a personally-induced disadvantage by not having had the foresight to engage in the same second ballot and beyond securing of additional votes as has Ted Cruz.  That either was because Trump didn’t study the rules, or didn’t think it possible that he wouldn’t win on the first ballot.  This is not some nefarious scheme concocted by the Republican National Committee; this is the way things have worked for some time at Republican conventions whether byzantine or not.

Donald Trump has great difficulty not believing everything he has ever said about himself. We poor voters do not have that kind of problem.  If anything, we might be off put by his antics and braggadocio.  But then again, we’re just well-mannered non-New Yorkers not given to false hero-worship.

Ted Cruz is still in the race…and he is still a significant factor, for all Trump’s denigration.

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