Be Happy, Be Conservative…

I read a piece in the morning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by a poll worker from Madison, WI who was lamenting her need to require ‘voter ID’ and how she felt that she was wasting the time of voters who had to stand in line to vote.  She professed her dismay as a poll worker in this new world of proving who you say you are before voting.  She is a true liberal and is obviously living in the city in Wisconsin where liberals abound.

I reflected on a blog I wrote the day after the same election talking about how well the election day had gone with ‘voter ID’ required and how many voters were able to cast their votes.

The difference between her and me was simple: she is a liberal and thinks it a shame that people have to be able to prove who they are just to vote; I am a conservative and celebrated the numbers of people we helped as they streamed into the polling place.

I have always felt alive and full of joy as a conservative, but she seems to walk around in a deep funk because of her liberal beliefs.  I was happy to greet voters and I suspect she had a hound-dog face on all the day long…with all due apologies to hound dogs.

This is probably oversimplification on my part, but it seems a reasonably accurate portrayal of the differences I see between us, the difference between a liberal and a conservative.  Liberals seem always to see things that are wrong and need to be fixed while conservatives see things to applaud all through our days even as we note things to change when we have the opportunity.

We conservatives in Wisconsin have been on a great ride; I hope for all of us Wisconsinites that the ride will continue for a good long time to come.  One thing is for sure, us conservatives will not mope around when we find ourselves again in the minority, and we will since that is the ebb and flow of these things; we conservatives will simply set about regaining the majority while continuing to present ourselves with smiles rather than scowls to all we meet.

The lesson is simple:  be happy, be a conservative!

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