A Hannity Trump Bromance?

A supposedly even-handed televised interview between Sean Hannity and Donald Trump left me almost speechless.

Hannity obviously was supposed to lend journalistic credence to this ‘show’ but the “bromance’ was so evident as to make the whole thing ludicrous.  Hannity would frame what seemed a decent question and then after Trump made a few comments, Hannity would re-direct the discussion to a place he appeared to think would cast Trump in a better light.

This was so blatant as to be sickening.  What was Hannity thinking?  He couldn’t have had his career in mind because this presentation did nothing good for Hannity’s career, at least not his career as a tough journalist.  If he is on the Trump payroll, then he earned his money and then some.  If this was supposed to be an even-handed back-and-forth conversation, it failed miserably in my opinion.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Hannity would’ve done this to himself.  If he was in his right mind and he appeared to be himself, this was an amateurish display of anything but what we think journalism ought to look like.  It was as if someone asked for a spoof interview to be done.  If that was the case, this spoof will go down in the annals of spoofdom; certainly not in the annals of news people doing what they’re supposed to do.

The phrase that quickly comes to mind is this:  Hannity seemed, obviously, to be in the tank for Trump.  To give you a better idea, if you were so fortunate as to have missed this, even Donald Trump could find nothing that he disliked about the way he was treated.  He was a gracious guest.  That tells you a lot about the ‘hardballs’ that were pitched to him.

Was Hannity interviewing for White House Press Secretary?  Or did he actually think this was a hard-hitting interview?

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