Trump the Discombobulator…

Donald Trump has managed to discombobulate the Republicans, with that defined as causing them to be confused, disconcerted, upset and frustrated.  Is that what he intended all along or is that simply something he caused without actually setting out with a plan to make that happen?  I think we give him too much credit if we believe he has masterfully orchestrated the current plight of the Republican Party.  But I believe he is also gleefully observing his creation and wishing he had done it on purpose.

Trump is master of making others feel uncomfortable, inferior, ill-equipped and vulnerable.  That is his ‘art of the deal’.  That is largely what his career has been based upon, and it is how he has managed to be the best deal maker ever…at least in his own mind.

He sees the Republican Party as ripe for take-over and he is pressing that case each and every day.  He believes that he is now the only person who can save the Republicans from themselves, and he is going to drive a tough deal if he is expected to ‘save’ the party.  His angst at the way he views himself as being treated by the party likely accounts for the manner in which he conducts himself.  There is nothing small about Trump, certainly not in his self-view.

Simply look at all his conquests.  Look at his television show.  Look at his big airplane and his helicopter.  Look at the beautiful women he has counted as wives.  Look at his buildings and resorts.  Look at his swagger, his cockiness, his disdain for the common people, unless they promise to worship him at the polls.

He claims to be running for President to help the country, but that tends to fly in the face of what he has done in his previous successful ventures.  Trump helps himself and if he can’t avoid it, he also helps the little people along the way…provided they genuflect subserviently in his direction.  His inability, so far at least, to make the Republican Party roll over simply makes him ever more intent on doing so.

Note that Trump never errs, in his mind anyway.  There is always something or someone to blame if his plan goes awry.  The very idea that the Republicans think they can run their party as it has been run for years with the archaic rules about how delegates are counted, and how they can change their votes if they choose in later rounds, is anathema to Donald Trump.

Where will this all end?  I am not sure anyone knows.  I am not even sure we’ll know after it has ended.  This could be among the case studies in political science classes for which no final answer will be found.

If he is elected as our next President, how will he act in office?  The same as he always acts; he knows no other way to conduct himself.  Will he be good for our country?  I can’t see how he would be good for the country.  Is the country strong enough in principal to survive a Trump presidency?  I believe so, but only time will tell if we elect him.

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