Republican Senators Need to Quit Pouting

Sen. Ted Cruz (R) has some tough folks to convince…unfortunately those are his fellow Senate Republicans from all outward appearances.  It may be that he wins our votes but he has ruffled some feathers amongst a group of people, each of whom must believe that he or she is the greatest Republican of all time.  Republicans in the U.S. Senate, All of them, need to come to grips with the facts involved.

We are sitting on a ticking bomb while we are watching the Clinton-Sanders roadshow that ought to give Republican Senators all they need see in order to decide to swallow some pride (there will still be more than enough of that left), and to accept the fact that Senator Ted Cruz has a good chance to help restore the Republican party to the top of the political heap.  I am amazed at just how childish some people in powerful positions can be if they feel their importance has been ignored or that they were somehow slighted.

Each Republican Senator could’ve decided for him or herself to make a run for the Oval office.  There is a reason they haven’t all done so; they understood they had no real chance of success in this iteration of the race for that office.  BUT…they still take umbrage over perceived mistreatment of them as individuals, and as a group, by this young upstart who might just be able to become our President.  How dare he be so bold as to think it was his turn to run for President?  He hasn’t been around long enough.  That isn’t the way this is supposed to work.

It is way past time for them to just get over it!  This is serious business.  We are talking about the possibility of Hillary or Bernie occupying the Oval Office.  What more do the Republican Senators need to convince them they must play nice with others?  They huff and puff and pout when they should have big smiles on their collective faces and be pulling for the person from within their group who has a legitimate shot at the Presidency.

This is a re-creation of the ‘gang that couldn’t shoot straight’ playing out, and it is absolutely wrong.  If they need to bash each other, then do it behind closed doors and maintain the appearance of collegiality when not behind those closed doors.

Is Sen. Cruz perfect?  No, of course not; no one is perfect.  Is he the one who had the courage to lay it on the line for his party, and for his country, in this race?  Yes.  Is he better equipped to hold that office than either Hillary or Bernie?  Absolutely!

When will the rest of you Republican Senators get the message?  In time to rectify what you’re doing to harm the party’s chances in the coming national election?  Or will you all wake up the day after we’ve lost again?

The Democrats are trying to hand this race to the Republicans given the ticket that will be in place, and the Republicans seem to be refusing their offer.  Reince, it is way past time to bang some heads together!

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