Oh, The Tangled Webs…

Wisconsin Watchdog has been following the saga of Professor John McAdams who was suspended by Marquette University after making a comment on his blog about the actions of a Marquette University graduate student in the class she was instructing denying a student in her class in his attempt to raise a question she felt inappropriate.  The graduate student/instructor has since left Marquette University and headed to Boulder, CO which may be is better suited to be her new habitat given its very liberal leanings.

McAdams is a bit crusty by reputation, maybe even to the extent to be referred to as ‘curmudgeonly’; and that is not a term of endearment and respect I toss about loosely since I view myself as a bit curmudgeonly.

The Wisconsin Watchdog organization has kept this story in the news as the  Jesuit university made various decisions and pronouncements in regard to its suspension of McAdams and its decisions as to the ultimate disposition of this matter.  One might say that the treatment accorded by a Jesuit school of the ilk of a Marquette University of one of its own in the manner it has treated Professor McAdams somewhat unusual.  Those who have watched this case might well believe that it is McAdams who has been mistreated during this lengthy period of his swinging in the wind.  Since he was being paid during this period, he may have felt no pressing economic need to be too strident in his own defense since the other shoe had yet to drop.

McAdams has maintained he did nothing wrong and was, in spite of that, subsequently given the opportunity yet again to apologize for his actions.  McAdams has responded by letter to the Marquette University President,  Dr. Michael Lovell stating his beliefs of innocence in this matter.

His letter found here, is exceedingly well-written in my humble opinion and certainly states what seems a strong case.  The statement further suggests there is yet another shoe to drop: that of suspended Professor John McAdams.

Of the two positions, I’d prefer to be in that of the Professor especially given everything we have seen and heard to date; but maybe President Lovell believes he and his University employer are on firm footing and that any litigation by McAdams if that is what he refers to, can be won.

That remains to be seen, but there is a certain level of damage, in my opinion, that has already been done to the University by its actions and that will simply be re-played in courts-of-law if there is no change in the Marquette University position.

Oh, the tangled webs…


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