Might It Happen? Paul Ryan? President?

It seemed that today, whenever I took some time away from the laptop screen, when I returned there was another hypothesis telling me how realistic it was that our own Rep. Paul Ryan, now Speaker of the House, would become, through some gyrations, hocus pocus and scattering of ashes, the Republican candidate for President of the United States of America.  (Talk about a lengthy, run-on sentence).

I suppose that it is possible, but it seems to me that, given how inept the Republican party seems to this point to have been during the run-up to this election, to give it credit for such a masterful slight of hand is to give it too much credit.

We seem, we Republicans, to believe in unicorns, magic dust, and the tooth fairy.

This all comes about as we reflect on the candidates we will pose, and apparently on our misgivings about those candidates even though we’re wont to confess those misgivings.  It is all about posing as expected victors apparently thinking our pure force of will can and will propel us to victory.

Okay, there is the potential that Paul Ryan could emerge from this Republican scrum as the party’s candidate.  He is a very bright and relatively young man who has the credentials even in his seeming innocent youth to be our President.  I have no doubt that he is better qualified than Mr. Trump; I’ve been in the same room a couple of times with Paul Ryan and he simply dominates without even opening his mouth; he is that good.  We also saw that when the current President faced off with Ryan and came out on the short end of the stick.  That was the last time the current President risked his reputation by doing that.

Our Mr. Ryan has the capability to handle this job.  That is why he made such a good VP candidate and is probably the best, and easily the brightest, Speaker of the House in our lifetimes.  All this talk seems to emanate from the potential we see for Donald Trump to find some way to kill his chances, slim though those might be if based purely on actual qualifications.  Trump is simply not worthy of this office.  Might I end up voting for him?  Yes, if he is the only alternative to Hillary Clinton who ought to be in a jail cell awaiting trial for her role in Benghazi, and for her lying about confidential and higher documents she had on her personal server operating out of some closet.

How sad that was to have to say.  We all deserve better.


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