Primary Election Day 2016 Is Upon Us

We Wisconsinites trek to the polls tomorrow to cast our votes in the 2016 Primary election.  It is time to make up our minds, at least for this first round of votes.  I am a conservative and doubt that anyone reading these blogs, and my earlier blogs on the now defunct blog site of Germantown Now, ever thought otherwise.

We conservatives have, on the statewide ballot, several candidates from which to choose;  Trump, Cruz, and Kasich.  Kasich has been touted as a spoiler since he will not gain the majority of votes and is simply hoping against hope that he can somehow emerge from the pile holding the ball.  I frankly think he does the Republican ticket a disservice by taking votes away from the two obvious candidates who actually have a chance.  But there is nothing illegal about that, it is simply ill-thought in my opinion.

So, my choices are between Trump and Cruz, and I have not been shy about my feelings about Mr. Trump.  Ted Cruz will get my vote since I am not of the school of thought that says we have to teach the Republican Party a lesson by casting a protest vote for Kasich. This is serious business and needs to be voted accordingly; and, Ted Cruz is a good person and a good conservative.

I work the polls in Germantown tomorrow and expect that we’ll see a sizeable turnout;  I certainly hope so since this is a pivotal election.  I doubt that there are any undecideds at this point.

It is important to remember that people fought and died to preserve our right to vote for the person of our choice.  If you were a little undecided about voting, I hope you will reconsider no matter for whom you’d vote.  That is the great thing about our democratic (small ‘d’) form of government.  It is amazing to many in the world that our ballots will contain every step from socialist to conservative on it and that we are able to select whomever and of whatever persuasion as our choice.

This is America!  Preserve it with your vote.

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