Trump: Rational or Emotional Appeal?

Donald Trump’s splashy entry into the political arena has been  both entertaining and a bit scary for me.

I enjoy the showmanship he exhibits but I worry about the seeming shallowness of his knowledge in the context of national and international political realities.  I read, with interest, this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the page 1 Politifact Wisconsin piece by Tom Kertscher.  Kertscher’s first two paragraphs set the stage perfectly:

“When it comes to his record on being fact-checked, Donald Trump runs at the back of the pack among candidates for president – way back.

And yet, when it comes to winning delegates in pursuit of the Republican nomination, Trump is the front-runner – by a mile.”

We humans typically feel before we think and that is nearly the definition of Trump’s position in the race on the Republican side of the slate.  Those who are solidly in Trump’s camp feel good about him and about their decision without really digging more deeply into the “why” of their feeling of support.

Trump is roughing up the otherwise stolid field in the Republican world and a lot of people feel really good about that.  Anyone who has thought this through and who still likes Trump has managed to find him acceptable.

The same holds true for the Democrats.  There are a set of facts surrounding Hillary Clinton that I find very off-putting and yet the majority of Democrats, so far at least, find her their candidate of choice.  We see, though, a strong push  by Bernie Sanders who has found his niche in the Democrat world even though he is an avowed and proud socialist.  I find both candidates very flawed, but that is my conservatism showing through.  The reality seems to be that our country has a decided bent toward experimenting with socialism even with the other worldwide ‘demonstration projects’ for socialism seeming, to me at least, to be self-indicting.

I am interested in learning, over time, if this year is a political aberration or if this is the new reality in national politics. Have we a majority that really thinks socialism is the way to go or is this majority simply responding emotionally to issues that are one-offs?

It is too bad that emotion overrides rational thought but it is difficult to ignore the truth. Great job by Tom Kertscher; I just wish it wasn’t true.

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