Hillary & The FBI…

It appears that the non-compliant personal e-mail server case may be nearing a point where Hillary and the FBI will have a ‘sit-down’.  This will tell us a lot about the relationship between the President and the Clintons, and it will tell us a lot about how strong a person the current FBI Director James Comey is as compared to how he has been portrayed to this point.

Remember that Hillary had a bit of a ‘hissy fit’ in the Oval Office not too long ago when she told the President to “call off your f-ing dogs”.  Those kinds of temper tantrums cannot be something this President, or most any President for that matter, would take lightly.  It might be that he has been awaiting the conclusion of the FBI investigation before he reacted to the earlier anger episode by Hillary.  Our President does not strike me as the kind of person who would simply shrug off that kind of verbal attack especially when it has been a topic covered in a best-selling book.

Remember that James Comey is reputed to be among the strongest FBI Directors in modern history and is reputed to hold high standards of conduct as sacrosanct…especially when state secrets are put at risk, and some 2,170 secrets apparently were put at risk.  This would seem to be a ‘slam dunk’ except this is playing out in a Presidential election season, in Washington, D.C., with the former First Lady directly involved.  It is difficult to think of a situation that could be any stickier than this situation.  But, we must remember that the Clintons have somehow managed to extricate themselves from all manner of improper conduct from Arkansas to D.C.

Bernie Sanders has not mentioned this much, if at all, heretofore but it stands to reason that he and his campaign staff have kept a close eye on these proceedings.  His opportunity to be the Democratic Presidential candidate could be significantly enhanced if Hillary is taken to the woodshed to the degree possible given the charges.  Even if she is not indicted, think of the damage that would be done if she is shown to have willfully lied over and over about her complicity in this matter.  Even the most faithful of Democrats would have to pay attention.

Maybe it is possible that the free ride Hillary has enjoyed on the whole Benghazi story so far will evaporate if she is indicted in this instance.  Would that change the coloring that has been employed on Benghazi?  Would that propel Bernie to even greater heights among the Democrat faithful?

Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

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