Donald Trump Defies Definition, or Does He?

The experience of watching Mr. Trump on the national political stage has been an interesting trip through a near vertigo-inducing change of persona on a regular basis.  Just as we think we have begun to understand him, he pulls some stunt that makes us go back to square one and begin the quest for a better definition of the man.

Seemingly the only personality traits we can even begin to rely upon are that Trump is bombastic and given to instantaneous descriptions of political positions that are not always well-thought.  At least not well-thought from a purely political point-of-view which probably is simply indicative that the man has never felt the need to be “correct” in the political sense of the word.  Trump is accustomed to creating his own “reality”.  The current brouhaha centering on the abortion question is a case in point.

Somehow spontaneity does not seem to be an attribute we seek in our Presidents unless that spontaneity is similar to the wit/wisdom that was integral to President Reagan.  We seem to have the need for a well-grounded person sitting in our Oval Office more than we have the need for instant changes in direction and mood, or for the bombastic threats that seem regularly to come from the mouth of Mr. Trump.

We really don’t know his true political beliefs.  He may be a Democrat one day and a Republican the next.  He may be pro-abortion one day and anti-abortion the next.  He may be pro-Israel one day and anti-Israel the next.  He is more a chameleon in that he seems to take on the coloring of his surroundings; and, we don’t know if that is real or simply expedient given circumstances.

Can we begin to imagine how he might react to a Vladimir Putin edict?  Are these men possibly two-of-a-kind with potentially very dangerous consequences if each  chooses to react to a given situation?  Putin is the more polished and politically-correct of the two, but both seem to have some basic similarities that might not indicate they’d be able to play well with each other.

Mr. Trump has almost always gotten his way and those who get in his way most often regret the experience.  This is his M.O. and we have no valid reason to expect anything to the contrary if he resides in the White House and calls the Oval Office his own.

That is scary.

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