Have We Been Trumped?

Wisconsin was ‘blessed’ with the presence of Donald Trump yesterday, and will be so blessed off and on until our primary vote is taken next Tuesday.  Among other revelations by Mr. Trump was the statement, as reported by Vicki McKenna, about the $2+ BILLION DEFICIT we have accrued through the courtesy of Governor Scott Walker.  The only problem with this revelation is that, as McKenna said, it is FALSE.  Trump also believes that Governor Walker erred by not increasing our taxes, and thus endeared himself to those whose incomes are largely or entirely paid by taxpayers.  That sounds like an attempt to buy votes with our money.

All this is now ‘on the record’ for accidently unknowing or intentionally unknowing people who choose to repeat this or that ‘fact’ since they heard it from an unimpeachable source, Donald Trump.  His claims are made and we are days away from the primary election in Wisconsin.  How many voters will be influenced by these statements and others to the point of deciding based upon those statements to cast a vote for Trump?

These are not small verbal inconsistencies.  As reported, these kinds of things make his other iron-clad statements seem to require substantiation through careful investigation, but we are simply expected to take every word from Trump’s mouth as truth.  And, unfortunately, too many of us do seem to take his words as truthful and correct without any further questioning.

The possibility of a distinct personality disorder has been hinted at or stated outright, and one sees those possibilities very often in Trump.  He does appear to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and that cannot be a good thing for the President of the United States since that person actually is essentially the ruler of all he or she surveys for four years with only Congress and/or the U.S. Supreme Court riding to our defense after the fact.  That person has the ability to make decisions that have potentially significant effects on us and on our worldwide neighbors.

We Wisconsinites have been Trumped, and we will continue to be Trumped for so long as he is in this race.  That is his nature and if the reported diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder by professional observers is accurate, it isn’t going to go away even if he is elected to the highest office in our land.

I have concluded my search for the person for whom I will vote on Tuesday, April 5th.  I will vote for Ted Cruz.  I would also hope that Gov. Kasich would remove himself from the equation simply because he can be a spoiler but I doubt can be a winner as he seems convinced could be the case, but I am almost certain that won’t happen.  I see more indication that Trump will carry our state on Tuesday given the siphoning of votes from Cruz by Kasich supporters.

This is one time that I earnestly hope my feelings prove to have been wrong but I won’t know until April 6th with the rest of our state.  It is imperative that we all exercise our freedom to vote on April 5th.

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