Do You Feel The Love?

The national politicians are sweeping Wisconsin by storm this coming week, and you can almost feel the love…if you can get beyond the contrived smiles, the carefully concocted talking points and so on.  You can almost feel it, the love that is.

Except, we have been there and done that.  We should be able to remember all the politicians who have stormed through Wisconsin on their way to somewhere else.  We should be able to remember how many promises were kept by those whom we voted for and who ultimately gained the office after which they lusted.

The political world is too often that of exuded love one moment and feigned tolerance the next moment.  To say that too many politicians are shallow mimickers of what they have been told we seek is probably not quite the truth.  Most probably have our interests in mind somewhere, albeit further down the line than are their own interests.  Many probably believe what they’re saying to us (and I believe that the majority of our state-based candidates are in that group, by the way).  They live here in the ‘off season’ and still have personal lives among us.  I had a nice chat with one of those elected officials in the aisle of our local Walgreens store a few weeks ago, for example.  I see some on a regular basis simply in passing since they remain members of the community and of the area.

There are those politicians who are genuinely sincere, honest and diligent.  Then there are those who simply live up to the old tagline of the ‘carpetbagger’.   They are the opportunists of the group.  It is interesting to note that the local and state level politicians are generally very much concerned with their constituency.  They still live amongst us voters and they remember the promises they made.

The travelling group that will hit the state this week is the group that bothers me more since they who are elected will be in a position of power that is unequalled for a state official.  First of all, there is a lot more money flowing around the halls of Congress, and the White House, than in our state offices in Madison.  We can get to see our Madison-based officials if we choose.  Making that happen in Washington is much more difficult, even for state-based organizations.

For many of our citizens, there simply is no opportunity to talk with the top politicians even if you desire and not that many desire to do so, interestingly.  You may attend a rally, but those are tightly controlled and typically only heavy-hitter contributors gain real vs. contrived access.

You can almost feel it; the love that is.

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