Wisconsin a Battleground State?

Wisconsin’s April 5th primary election could prove to have been instrumental in the selection of a national Republican presidential candidate…believe it or not.  If the latest polls are at all accurate, our state can play a significant role in the presidential race.  Cruz appears to be stronger in Wisconsin than has been the case prior to now.  That is not at all surprising since those who have tired of the Trump approach are reaching the ‘point of no return’ if there is to be a challenge mounted to him.

Cruz seems to be polling better nationally than has been the case up until now.  Limbaugh has come out for Cruz. Etc., etc., etc.  And a national Fox News poll has Cruz and Trump in a national statistical dead heat.

The Republican Party Convention in Cleveland looks to be where this may all be brought to a head with all the mysteriousness associated with national political party maneuvering.  If the current polls are accurate precursors, and that is a big IF, then our turnout will be very big as state and local government officials have been predicting; something in the range of 40% or more of registered voters.  Let’s hope that there are sufficient ballots on hand…and given some recent embarrassments that will probably not be an issue.

The Republican convention follows some arcane rules that can turn races upside down as we novice political observers would see the outcome.  Not all attendees with a vote are tied to a particular candidate after the first ballot; some are freed up to vote their will on and after the second ballot and virtually all can vote their preference after the third ballot.  We, of course, have somewhat a vested interest given that a Wisconsin person, Reince Priebus, is the chair of the Republican Convention.  He had a decent head of hair when he accepted that position.

As is always the case, your vote is important.  In this election, your vote might actually be more important than at other times.  But your vote doesn’t count a whit if you don’t turn out and cast that ballot.  April 5th is the magic day.

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