Hillary’s E-Mail Trevails

An interesting piece was posted by Charles Gasparino, a Fox Business senior correspondent yesterday concerning the status of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of her private server for State Department work, and the investigation that is ongoing by FBI investigators which is being overseen by FBI Director James Comey.  First, Director Comey is no newcomer to tough investigations having handled those of Frank Quattrone, Internet banker and against Martha Stewart who actually served several months in prison as the result of being convicted on evidence Comey uncovered.

Those who believe she can do no wrong no doubt think that nothing having happened in this respect to this point is solid indication that nothing will happen.  There might’ve been some smoke but there has been no fire damage found so leave Hillary alone!

Those who believe to the contrary are anxious for the disclosure of findings hoping against hope that the FBI will have found at least a smoking gun if not an entire arsenal of smoking guns.

Director Comey is seen as a straight shooter who calls them as he sees them. Unfortunately, he will have to rely upon the Justice Department to bring charges; Comey can only recommend charges.  Leaks are not unheard in Washington, D.C.; as a matter of fact, leaks are the things that keep a lot of news diggers employed and thriving.  Anything can happen at this point in this story.

Obviously, Hillary’s campaign for the Democratic nod as its candidate for President would be affected to some degree depending upon the outcome of this investigation.  As a conservative, I’d like to think that her campaign could end up scuttled if there is some nasty news forthcoming, and everything I see suggests there was skullduggery.

Not only is her State department e-mail in question, but the potential for commingling of that classified mail with her personal e-mail on her private server comes into question.  It is very likely that she was using her private server for her private e-mail.  There is also the question of basic security.  There was not much security from reports that were written shortly after the hosting organization’s name was learned; it was not a high-power super-techy group.

The guy on the hot seat is FBI Director Comey.  If he releases the information and suggests charges be brought, he could find himself in a peculiar situation.  Would President Obama secretly love that or would the Democratic machine insist on Comey’s scalp?

Could this unanswered question hanging over Hillary’s head be the reason that Bernie Sanders is continuing his campaign?  Is he hoping to be around to pick up the pieces and face the Republican candidate?

One thought on “Hillary’s E-Mail Trevails

  1. Hillary’s greatest hits, Whitewater, Foster, Benghazi, etc. are being overshadowed by this email fiasco………..however……….if history repeats itself she will avoid prosecution or even avoid further negative commentary…………, she casually dismisses any discussion of her foibles as being politically motivated, with no substance.

    Secretary Comey is a strait shooter and I believe an honorable guy who has demonstrated courage and conviction in supporting the law and identifying the guilty……….but ….he has never been up against the Clinton machine . Martha can be tough and caustic, Hillary and Bill can be dangerous, as demonstrated in the past. Comey will have to fall on his sword and risk public and career ending results……………why ???

    The way to beat Hillary and Bill starts with the entry into the voting booth and the casting of votes against these disingenuous people who care only about themselves.


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