Today Brussels, Tomorrow?

Brussels has been hit by terrorists as the whole world knows by now.  The airport and the subway system were the targets so far as we know at this time.  Death toll numbers have hit and probably exceeded 34 by now.  The world’s political leaders are in their “cluck-cluck” posture again, both warning us to be wary while they threaten the terrorists with capture and trials.

The terrorists do not seem to have much time for these hollow politically-driven threats.  They do seem to have the time and the inclination to continue these attacks, and so far, at least, they are doing what it is they wish to do with seeming impunity.

We, in the United States, sit here rather smugly thinking that we are impervious to such attacks.  We are less threatened simply by virtue of our physical separation from other continents, but that distance gets eaten up quickly once the terrorists put their mind to an attack.  Our porous borders are just that…porous borders.  The World Trade Center was destroyed even though we have some border security.  Those terrorists simply came to our country ostensibly to attend flight school training and had the proper credentials to do that.

We tend to have very short memories.  We suffer an attack and then, within months, we are back to our same old ways.  We mourn, we bury, we pontificate and we slowly lose touch with that potential reality…until the next time.

Our politicians are eager for the next opportunity to huff and puff.  But, once the cameras are put away, and several news cycles have come and gone, the politicos are on to the next face-time opportunity.  That is how our country works; and, it continues to work that way because we voters do little to nothing to hold feet to the fire for long enough to get something accomplished.

We have a White House occupant that knows his free travel days are coming to an end, so he is off globe-trotting.  There is probably going to be time enough for at least one more Hawaiian vacation unless that pesky Congress comes up with something it believes is the next world-saving law.

By tomorrow, other news will have captured our attention and the politicians will be back into campaign mode.  But, the terrorists will be just as intent tomorrow as they were yesterday.  We need to become perpetually wary but we slip back into our comfortable lives far too quickly after others suffer an attack.  Local law enforcement is wary in each jurisdiction but that is not enough.  Our federal protective elements need to be enforced and they need to understand their mission which cannot be short-changed depending upon the politics of the day.

Pray for those in Belgium, in Europe, and here in America.

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