Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

We Wisconsinites have a clear choice in the coming election as we prepare to cast our votes for the WI Supreme Court.  Our choice, of course, is between current Justice Rebecca Bradley and appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg.

Bradley is a conservative Justice and Kloppenburg is a liberal Judge.  For conservatives, the choice should be very clear.  For liberals, I suspect the choice is also clear.  For those classified as undecideds, let us try to paint the picture as seen from the conservative side of the issues.

First, there is the question of early writings by Justice Bradley.  Early as in a youthful college age person some 24 years ago.  I don’t know about you, but I do know about me and I think I can extrapolate and compare my growth in wisdom to that of Justice Bradley.  I was then dumb as a stump, with all due apologies to stumps.  I was quick to anger, quick to opine and loved to make people look aghast at some of the positions I took.  I believe that most everybody who began  as I did has likely grown to be a somewhat different person than the old person was.  I believe that is very probably what Justice Bradley has been working diligently to communicate, and I believe these present day communications of a changed person.

I understand that Judge Kloppenburg needs to use whatever tools she believes she has available without regard to the time that has elapsed in this case of early utterances, and without regard to the person who is represented today by the name Rebecca Bradley.  Had I not grown to be a different and better person, I can only imagine where I might have gotten to by now…and it probably would not be a place that even remotely resembles my current place.  I believe that to also be the journey that Justice Bradley has experienced and I believe we see the truth of that life journey before us today.

Judge Kloppenburg seems to have some kind of issue about the need for verifiable voter ID (although she avoids an outright statement in that respect) and the various forms of that identification as have been prescribed for Wisconsin voters.  She is not full-throated over that issue but she is also not fully supportive of the need for valid photo ID as is currently prescribed by the Government Accountability Board (GAB), and which has been upheld by the Wisconsin courts.

Judge Kloppenburg has worked diligently to frame Justice Bradly as a favorite of Governor Walker thinking that will apply a bit of sand paper to dim the luster she, Bradley, may carry given current title since that was an appointed position and not one earned through the balloting process.  Governors have that appointment ability by law, and all Governors I can recall in Wisconsin’s history have used that tool to advance the role of their own party’s proven and capable people through valid appointments.

We have had liberal majorities at the Supreme Court level in Wisconsin and we have had conservative majorities at that level.  I believe and hope that you will concur that now is the time to maintain a conservative edge among the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices.

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