In The Beginning

I have been blogging almost daily since early 2007 (some 3,200 blogs) on a site owned and controlled by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel named GermantownNow.  This news organization is being purchased by Gannett and they have made the decision to end these kinds of relationships before that purchase becomes effective.  I presume this is to assure as clean an opening for Gannett as is possible and that is certainly their prerogative.

Given that blogging has become part of my DNA, I have set up this account and will announce this new site on my old site before the last day arrives to, ideally, attract followers from that site to this new site.  It may well be that some will thank their lucky stars that the GermantownNow blog has met its demise.

My blogging pattern has been to touch anything that grabs my attention with basically nothing off limits except topics that are in poor taste or that would not be compatible with my Christian beliefs.

I am a political conservative and am not at all enjoying the current political season.  I recognize that I might be uncomfortable with the President that is selected by the voters, but I also realize that these things run their course and that our country has survived quite nicely for a long, long time.  I may, though, have to remind myself of that on a nearly daily basis simply depending upon who ends up being sworn in early next year.

One thought on “In The Beginning

  1. The political season ,AGAIN, started 2 years too early…..AGAIN! The POLLING posts are taking over. They poll everything possible that make no sense in evaluation.. I don’t know how the public can stay tuned into the campaigns for this long. Very,VERY tiring…..and seems any important issues get drowned in media controversy,,hyperbole,and ridiculous accounts by unnamed sources. I just had to totally quit listening and watching the media.
    We’ll see who is left when it’s time….and make my choice.


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